“Only in extreme cases!”: the doctor told me why not to go down into the subway

"Только в крайних случаях!": врач рассказала, почему не стоит спускаться в метро

If subway, as before, will be jam-Packed during peak hours, the trips should be abandoned, doctor convinced.

25 may in three cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Kharkiv and Dnepr – launched the work of the underground, which had previously been temporarily stopped due to a pandemic coronavirus.

An epidemiologist, a rheumatologist Lyudmila Smolina urged not to rush to use this mode of transport and he explained the danger, writes Glavred.

According to her, it is necessary to limit the number of people in the subway, but it will not be easy.

“I don’t think anyone will measure the body temperature at the entrance that you can limit the number of people, because there will be tons of traffic, the shouts and scandals,” said doctor in an interview with Ukrainian media.

Smolin compared metro with small supermarkets: “There is a lot of people. Yes, everything is put on disposable gloves, but still – he reaches for the tomatoes, one cucumber, relate to each other. If the subway concentration of people will be about the same as in the supermarket – maybe they can use it”.

But if the subway, as before, will be jam-Packed during peak hours, the trips should be abandoned.

“We don’t know who is there before us sneezed, wiped his nose with his hand and stained handrails. Even if people are wearing gloves, they need to know how to remove twisting inside without touching the outer surface, and immediately discarded. Hands must be washed”, – said the epidemiologist.

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