Only the Opposition bloc has opposed discriminatory language of the bill, – the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik

Только Оппозиционный блок выступил против дискриминационного языкового законопроекта, - политолог Руслан Бортник

The most serious social consequence of discriminatory language bill No. 5670-d will be the provocation of conflict between Ukrainian-speaking and other language groups of our society.Commented on this barbaric bill analyst.

“In Ukraine today 400 000 students who study in minority languages. In addition, 15 million people will lose the ability to get news from media in their native language,” stated the possible consequences of the bill, the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

According to the analyst, only Alexander VILKUL, Vadim NOVINSKY and other representatives OPPOZICIONNOGO BLOCK honestly oppose this initiative and do not vote. “But where are the other faction of the so-called coalition “European Ukraine”? In the Verkhovna Rada of the 5 factions that are constantly advocating for European standards and the implementation of the democratic norms of the European law in Ukraine, as well as on the rule of law,” expressed surprise Ruslan BORTNIK.

The analyst believes that this law should be called “the law banning the use of minority languages (regional or minority languages) in all spheres of public life.”

Regarding the status of state language, this issue was resolved back in 1989. Since all national legislation guarantees free use of the state language in all spheres of life. Namely, this bill just prohibits Russian, Hungarian, Romanian in areas where they still functioned: in education, in local government, in the media, in the work of local authorities, etc.

“The law on the prohibition of languages other than Ukrainian. If adopted in this form, it will not only create internal social conflict in Ukraine, which many years will not be extinguished, but will cause serious problems of external perception of Ukraine”, – summed up the politician.

The political scientist is sure that such, and such legal settlement of the language issue, Ukraine can never look like an equal partner, ready for dialogue with international organizations such as the Council of Europe, European Union, UN and the Venice Commission. Now all this law, will look at us as strange to Africans that live in Europe.

“Is it Ukrainization – surprised Ruslan BORTNIK, is simply the creation of an artificial conflict in our society. In fact, since independence the number of native Ukrainian language, and so decreased by 10 million people. But the destruction of the Russian-speaking population is held under the slogans of Ukrainization and the struggle for the Ukrainian language”.These current fighters for the Ukrainian language remind the analyst of Herostratus, who set fire to the national Church, only to bask in the ashes and get another PR.

“On the contrary, we must guarantee the inalienable rights of man regarding the use of the native language in all spheres of public life at all levels of functioning of the state. Only this will enable Ukraine to conform to modern global trends. It will also allow the country to become United and strong. All other proposals is an attempt to create a rift, to make our country weaker and easily kontroliruemoi thanks,” said the analyst.

Besides, he noted the most controversial norms of the law. Talking about the rule of prohibition of education in the national languages. Moreover, the training was guaranteed even after the Second World war. Note, the totalitarian Soviet Union provided these rights, unlike the “democratic”Ukraine.

Same applies to a de facto prohibition of the use of languages in the Central media and the courts. Although, the decision of the constitutional court from 2011 guarantees free use of regional languages and languages of national minorities as the language of the proceedings. Forbidden to speak in public dialogue and by agreement of the parties can be used even in shops.

The political scientist Ruslan BORTNIK also protested about the absolutely wild and the medieval system of supervision, which provides the law official employment professional fighters for the Ukrainian language, who will attend and to arrange artificial conflicts in organizations and institutions in the use of the Ukrainian language.