Only workout won’t help: the Russian experts praised the discovery of the method against belly fat

Только тренировки не помогут: российские эксперты оценили открытие метода против жира на животе

American scientists have called for the use of interval training as one of the best methods of combating belly fat after the age of 50 years. Russian experts commented on this discovery.

In particular, the results of a study by the American geriatrics society about the effective method of weight loss and fat reduction on the belly evaluated head of the Department of prevention of risk factors, Central research Institute of organization and Informatization of health Ministry of health of Russia Daria Khalturina. The researchers, appealing to the experiment, said interval training, increasing muscle mass, well help solve the problem of obesity.

The expert of the Ministry of health noted that the high level of activity of evolutionary natural to man, while obesity is a disease of civilization. According to Halturin, “physical activity, including exercise, is currently the most effective and safe method of healing and increase life expectancy”. At the same time, warned the expert, it is very important that physical activity without discomfort, have been on the force man.

Also important, according to experts, is the fact that combined physical activity with a healthy diet. Losing weight should be excluded from the diet of fatty, salty, sweet, fried, add vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, cereals and nuts.

Only exercise will not help to get rid of excess fat, agree another Russian expert, member of the Russian national society of dietician Ludmila Denisenko.

“The problem of obesity should be approached comprehensively, with attention to diet. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the deficit of vitamins, primarily vitamin D, omega-3, hormones, antioxidants, and iron, iodine and vitamins A and group B”, said Denisenko.

According to her, intense physical activity is not suitable for all people, especially after 50 years, and in those cases where sport is perceived as the only means of weight loss, in the body can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which encourages weight gain.