Open pre-order the retro Atari VCS console at a price of $249

Открыт предзаказ на ретро-консоль Atari VCS по цене от $249

After a series of delays related to the need to update the specs of the project is long overdue, finally opened a pre-order for retro-console, the Atari VCS.

Became the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, launched last year, attracting more than $3 million, the Atari VCS is available for pre-order at retailers Walmart and GameStop, as well as on the website of the company Atari.

The basic version of VCS 400 with an AMD processor, integrated graphics Radeon Vega and 4 GB of RAM will cost $249. The VCS model 800 with 8 GB of RAM costs $279. The classic joystick-style Atari and more modern gamepad can be purchased for $49 and $59, respectively, and for model VCS 800 all inclusive with both controllers will have to shell out $389.

As you can see, the price of the device is significantly higher than that of modern retro gadgets, such as or PlayStation SNES Classic Classic. The highlight is that with this console with support for video playback 4K, I can play along with the bestselling books of your childhood, and in the modern game.

It should also be noted that most traditionally-looking console color black walnut (the design is called Black Walnut) retro will only be available on the website of the manufacturer. The retailer GameStop, you can order the console is completely black (design Onyx), while Walmart offers an exclusive version with gold details on front panel (design Kevlar Gold).

More information about the Atari VCS and its features, specs and supported games is expected late in 2019. Delivery device, ordered on the websites of retailers Walmart and GameStop, will start in March 2020. The participants of the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo will be able to get the console in December of this year.

Открыт предзаказ на ретро-консоль Atari VCS по цене от $249

Открыт предзаказ на ретро-консоль Atari VCS по цене от $249