Open the gene mutation, which significantly increases the human risk of cancer

Открыта мутация гена, которая значительно повышает для человека риск заболеть раком

Open scientists from the US, the gene mutation is hereditary. Its presence in the human body means a significant risk of cancer at any age.

Very important for science and medicine discovery was made by specialists of the Institute of cancer research Dana-Farber. According to them, among carriers of this genetic mutation are especially a lot of people who are prone to development of malignant tumors of the pancreas. On the work of American researchers, informs a portal Medicalxpress.

Speech, in particular, an inherited mutation in the gene for a mutation in the gene RABL3, which, as they note, “increases the likelihood of Oncology for life.” This mutation was open during the study of the family, in which five relatives was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But scientists believe that this mutation is also associated with other types of cancer.

According to the authors, an inherited mutation in the gene RABL3 activates the inclusion of the protein KRAS, through which cancer cells in the body are going to increase.

According to the study, uncovered a mutation in the gene RABL3 acts similarly to other known mutations in the gene BRCA2, which significantly increase the risks of developing cancer of the pancreas, Breasts and ovaries.

According to the authors of the study, testing for a genetic mutation RABL3 should be recommended to all people in the family whom were the cancer cases, this may contribute to early detection of cancer.