Opened the world’s first sausage hotel: “hell for vegetarians” video

Открыт первый в мире колбасный отель: «ад для вегетарианцев», видео

Tourist note – the sausage opened an unusual hotel

In Bavaria opened an unusual hotel, decorated in a sausage style.

His “trick” is the fact that meat dishes are present not only in restaurant menus, but also in the rooms for a variety of interior. This unusual hotel opened by a local butcher Klaus Babel.

In a hotel with a sense of humor calls a hell for vegetarians, only seven rooms and all are decorated in a sausage style. Sausage everywhere. Delicacies are present on the wall and are used as accessories. The rooms even soap is made in the form of sausage. In the price included Breakfast and there is no doubt that this is sausage and sausages.

Hotel name – BB&BB that means Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast.

Guests can try various meat Goodies in the hotel shop and even try to cook.

The opening of such establishments the owner wants to maintain and advertise the family business. This interesting hotel has pecked tourists from all over the world. He has visited hundreds of travelers from various countries.

Note that the Span company Orion plans to open space hotel by luxury. The hotel is a modular the size of 13.3 to 4.3 meters.

The crew will consist of two people, plus four tourists, the maximum duration is 12 days. Of the facilities: beautiful view, high speed Wi-Fi and cosmic diet of the highest quality.

The station also plan to conduct research and experiments to grow plants, which then can be picked up as a souvenir on the Ground.

To pay for the hotel will have 9.5 million dollars, and compared to the prices that asks NASA for a visit to ISS (20-40 million) – is really affordable.

However, to have lots and lots of money is not enough to become a space tourist. For the flight must undergo three-month training course under the close supervision of astronauts. After that, the student receives an “astronaut Certificate”.

Now Orion Span is engaged in search of investors ready to buy one of the parts of the station. Great someone is giving.

The hotel has only three completely transparent double rooms which are attached to the rock at an altitude of 122 metres. To make room, the builders used a special aerospace aluminum and polycarbonate. In each of the rooms biotoilet, which, fortunately, is hidden from prying eyes.

On the rock itself is a shared bathroom and a terrace. To get to this extraordinary hotel, you will have to use a mountain path or a system of suspended ropes for the climbers.

Открыт первый в мире колбасный отель: «ад для вегетарианцев», видео

Открыт первый в мире колбасный отель: «ад для вегетарианцев», видео