Opened Volodymyr Ariev: all the details

Вскрыт Владимир Арьев: все подробности

Opened one of the professional patriots Poroshenko, who until the Maidan was a beggar and a rogue journalist, and after independence became a member of the millionaire.

Catch the parallel?

To Maidan you banal crook is a journalist, but after hundreds of corpses on the Maidan, and thousands of victims at the front you become a millionaire Deputy.

Volodymyr Ariev is one of the most striking examples of the Maidan crooks, who on the blood of true patriots of their country, the blood of students, ordinary folks amassed unprecedented European standards state.


Professional patriot Poroshenko Volodymyr Ariev urged all Ukrainians to go to the front to protect the country from Putin, but he never was there.

Patriot Volodya preferred luxury life, luxury restaurants, luxury SUVs, luxury real estate and beautiful blondes, instead of the front, dugouts, trenches, blood and tears of mothers.

Vladimir Aryev of the BPP called pressure tanks of cockroaches! Cockroaches under the professional patriot mean citizens of Ukraine, living in the Donbass.

Vladimir Aryev BPP

Volodya called on Ukrainians respectful to his Highness Petro Poroshenko and call it nothing else as the Hetman, giving joy and happiness to every Ukrainian family.

According to popular journalist Mikhail Schneider, Vladimir Aryev after the Maidan bought two luxury SUV Mercedes worth more than 4 million hryvnia.

Machine Aryans

Also patriot Vladimir prequels several apartments in Kiev and luxury house near Kiev.

All this Vladimir Aryev stole being a patriot Deputy from BPP in only 5 years!!! At the same time, the UN officially recognizes Ukraine starving country where every second citizen is unable to afford food of good quality.

At the same time, 12 million Ukrainians left Ukraine to work, millions of internal refugees.

You catch the parallel???

The other day it became known that this Podunk will try again to get through to the deputies on the 218-majoritarian district in Kyiv.

Kiev urge everyone to be very vigilant and not allow Aryans to the deputies!

If the Aryans will fly and will not get into Parliament, it is waiting for the confiscation of property and a fair punishment. Everyone who in the blood of the Maidan on blood the military climbed in power for the sake of profit needs to be punished!

Vladimir Kovalenko.

Вскрыт Владимир Арьев: все подробности

Вскрыт Владимир Арьев: все подробности

Вскрыт Владимир Арьев: все подробности

Вскрыт Владимир Арьев: все подробности