Operation “Y” and other Shurik’s adventures in Mariupol

Операция "Й" и другие приключения Шурика в Мариуполе

The Yorkshire Terrier, nicknamed Shura, missing last Friday, August 14, in Mariupol, returned home. Miraculous rescue of a little dog was due to the Chairman of osmd Rais of KOENJI.

Recall, Shura fled the apartment when the husband of the owner of the plant home adult Labrador. The man did not notice that little doggie there, and the theft was discovered by the lady after came back from work.

“I came home and me Shura is not met, – said the mistress of the Yorkshire Terrier Tatiana. – Searched the whole apartment – it is not. Could not understand how this could happen, and then realized what had happened.”

The problem was that escaped Shura this morning, and the search began only a day. The dog’s owners immediately wrote messages in social networks and on the popular classifieds site and 0629.com.ua and then began to walk around the district posted flyers, talked with the residents.

“I met the President of our condominium Raisa Alexandrovna, – says Tatiana. – She also has York. She promised the assistance and help”.

On the way to a meeting of heads of condominiums, she saw a man who was in a state of intoxication next to him was a girl. She was on a leash a small dog.

“She noticed that the dog was too well-groomed compared to appearance men, moreover, were scared and clung to the ground, – said Tatiana. The head of osmd approached these people and asked whose dog is this. The man said that he and the girl admitted”.

It turned out, his wife found these people. They brought it home, removed the curlers (special paper for growing long hair) and combed it. When the evening time – out for a walk, like with my dog.

I Kotendzhi thanked the girl and gave her 100 UAH for ice cream. Because the child Shura was not hit by a car or was mauled stray dogs.

Now Shura home. That night he slept a long time, and when I woke up, acted like nothing happened. He is again ready for adventure.

“But we already solved the issue so that he could not escape from the apartment – my husband came up with a special device that covers the entrance to the corridor. It needs to make. Now we are 100 times closer,” admitted mariupolchanka.

For 3 days, she called a lot of concerned citizens of Mariupol. As it turned out, the city almost every day you lose Yorkshire Terriers and many of them find. But not all owners looking for their Pets. In particular, are now looking for the owners of York, found in the area of Kirov square.

Операция "Й" и другие приключения Шурика в Мариуполе

Операция "Й" и другие приключения Шурика в Мариуполе