Opinion on forced “urgent” service: you cannot cancel leave (video)

Мнение о принудительной "срочной" службе: отменить нельзя оставить (видео)

His opinion in social networks submitted two expert – editor-in-chief Censor. there is no Yury Butusov and well-known blogger, activist Pavel Sebastianovich.

According to Yuri Butusov, to eliminate the “srochno” service is impossible, but it is necessary to change approaches to it, transforming the entire Soviet style army as it is today in Ukraine.

Paul Sebastianovich, in turn, explains why Ukraine should abandon the “urgent” service, which is essentially the slavish compulsion of youth.

We present the opinion of two sides.

Yury Butusov, chief editor of the newspaper Censor. no

What is the need for military service to Ukraine?

1. The war of 2014 year has shown the key role in the fighting was played by volunteers, and mobilized with experience of service in the army. People who have passed military training, even at the high level were capable terminal resistance. HR professional army in a total population of 168 thousand persons were able in the spring of 2014 to put only 6 thousand people, ready to conduct combat operations. Most of the soldiers who took part in the initial period of the war, was mobilized and volunteers.

2. 2014-the year showed limited resource mobilization in Ukraine. It was designed and mobilized about 100 thousand people, of which only 70 thousand people in 2014 have been ATF. All plans to appeal failed. The increase of the army to 250 thousand people has not led to change of structure – now in the case of a major war, the APU will be put in combat units is not more than 70-80 thousand people, even given seconded, and this means that without conscription volunteers can not do.

3. What emergency service is today one of the main sources of recruitment of servicemen on contract. Moreover, in Ukraine the de facto military service or going volunteers or those who have nowhere to go, because everyone who does not want to serve easy to make reference and get the liberation. Called every year 15 thousand from all over the country.

4. Emergency service is an important part of the education of the citizen and human capacity in the state, and its value it is impossible to replace. Emergency service called “scoop.” It is actually “Soviet” organization, our army “shovels” not for conscripts, but at its core, and that’s exactly what should be changed in principle.

The Minister said it will increase the territorial defence in the country – and how to do it without military service? Why would you put military service – just because some rich NATO countries have no common border with Russia, there is no military service? Well, it’s some kind of a cargo cult. We are not USA, we have other conditions. NATO country Lithuania in 2015 year, on the contrary restored the military service because of Russian threats. And Ukraine is fighting a war and cancel.

My nephew in 2019, the year finished in the emergency 18-month service in the armed forces, all the advantages and disadvantages for me were visible not just in theory but in practice, and I believe that the advantages of conscription gave the young man a lot more, despite all the problems.

What are the disadvantages of military service need to change?

1. The training of soldiers of urgent service should be doctrinally revised – urgent service must be system profiling and identifying the motivations of the individual. Emergency service is a key psychological and physical test, required by the army, which must identify the motivation and inclination, the moral education of the defender of the Motherland, the manifestation of the qualities of a soldier, fighter, warrior. Emergency service must become an integral part of training soldiers who then want to go on contract service.

2. With this emergency service should be concentrated in only one basic kind of troops – infantry. Conscripts must undergo basic course of the young fighter – infantryman. This course must be physically and morally to develop the young man to help him get stronger, to recognize themselves as part of a team, a citizen of the country, to realize the values it protects. That is not to clean up after someone, and to train intensively. The army will help to break away from the mobile phone and the Internet, to the experience of overcoming difficulties, the ability to act under stress, daily routine, ability to care for themselves, to survive in the field, provide medical care, skills of weapon handling, motivation, discipline, responsibility, camaraderie, fighting spirit, desire to win and achieve superiority over the enemy. Most young people in modern society not getting, and all of this is essential to any modern man at least in the form of any t of the primary skills.

3. For these purposes, 12-18 month term of military service – is too long and redundant. Period of military service is sufficient if will take 7-8 months. Training should be intense. Even if a person won’t contract, he will receive invaluable life experience, will never get away for long from civil career, and will be a quality reserve.

4. Units of military service should be included in the combat composition of professional teams, for the preparation can be part of these soldiers, so that young people can immediately see before my eyes a professional team, part of which they can become if they want to go on the contract.

5. Now the main problem is that conscripts the army is not needed. It is integrated in the system of training, conscripts are not interesting, they just don’t pay much attention and sufficient resources. They are not ballast just the place and role of military service not determined.

6. Disadvantages of military service are exactly the same as the disadvantages of contract service is the issue of a lack of correct doctrine. Emergency service should be directed to the development of personality. But our army is full, and urgent and contract, is a replica of the Soviet model, it is in principle not aimed at professional use of the person, efficiency, personal development. And it is necessary to solve this problem.

Paul Sebastianovich, a civic activist, a blogger:

Read Yuri Butusov, “the Plan of the Ministry of defense for the abolition of compulsory military service is a blow to the defense of the country and totally ill-conceived decision”

I totally disagree. I remember his service. Remember the guys who were already married. And that was absolutely not mentally prepared for the biennial of detachment from home. And those that couldn’t run a kilometer. And alcohol and drug abuse? They army was not needed, and the army have them too.

Therefore, the cessation of forced conscription into the army think a big plus to a free society. In the army to serve those who are willing and able. Who knows. Someone like weapons, vehicles, physical training. Who loves a hierarchy, for whom mean something, the words “officer’s honor”. And everyone else should be left alone.

The army must be professional and few. The initiatives of army reservists is very cool. Those people who, for one reason or another do not want to serve in the armed forces, but who are fond of weapons, vehicles, all military – should be able to shoot, to train, to learn to act in concert.

And that’s all. And, of course, need to upgrade to modern weapons. To stop producing tanks and Armored personnel carriers. We don’t beat the number of tanks and aircraft to Russia. Need the latest high-precision unmanned automatic – I don’t know what else to write.

Now on the security of our taxes is allocated $ 8 billion. Eight billion dollars! And you want another 18-year-old conscripts?

We will remind, in the Ministry of defence plans to abandon the call in the APU, instead consider it necessary to develop territorial defense. In an interview with LB.ua said the defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk.

“How could we not successfully reformed the 250 thousand people, this is not enough. And this despite the fact that we want to “kill” the call, that’s our plan. Therefore, we need to develop territorial defense”, – he said.

According to the Minister, the answer to the question of how to protect the country, consists of a list of threats, as these threats can be reflected, and the plans possibilities on all types of aircraft, writes 112.

“But there is, unfortunately, a scenario where only the Armed forces will not be enough. In this case, we need to develop a system of territorial defense”, – he stressed.

“It will not immediately, the call will first be simply reduced, and this, incidentally, corresponds very well with the territorial defence. In fact, in the normal development of the territorial defence would not be necessary in the appeal”, – told the Minister.

We will remind, earlier the Minister of defence has stated that considering the abolition of conscription and turning the Armed forces to NATO standards with the creation of a professional army.

Recall that for several years the military criminal street raids compel the young men to serve as conscripts in the army. The aim of this approach is the same – to create an unmotivated army and set up the society against the army. Information on why military enlistment offices commit criminal offences abducting men on the streets, was analyzed in the material journalists Depot.

We will remind, in Kharkov successfully applied the practice of the struggle of the civil society with the bandits of the military who are trying to kidnap young people for their forced service. Military Commissars are caught, turn and GSP, and the state Bureau of investigation excites against the Commissar criminal cases: