Opinion: What should be added to the new MacBook

Мнение: Что нужно добавить в новый MacBook

In recent years, increasingly heard the disgruntled cries to the side of different MacBook models. This is a great computers, but they, like everything in this world is not perfect. Today we will discuss the main points that can be corrected and make the laptops even better.

Everything said in this article is the author’s opinion, based on personal experience using Mac feedback in the comments and communicate with other users.

When the issue arose particularly acutely

About four months ago I bought a new MacBook Pro to replace my old MacBook Air. After some time, began to appear moments, which began to make me one of indignation.

What I started to pay attention during operation, do not put me negative against Apple computers, but pushed to writing this article.

My remarks relate not only to the Pro version, but the other models.

Fragile screen

Just a couple of weeks of use MacBook Pro I noticed the scratches on the screen. I have already expressed discontent about this, and judging by the comments I’m not alone. All MacBook screens I’ve seen are scratched.

Scratches appear from the friction of the screen from the keyboard. On the one hand, this is normal, and the laws of physics has not been canceled, but try to make the glass more resistant or to enhance the cover design is quite possible.

Have to give credit to Apple, because the services agree to change these screens. Enough to scratches consistent with certain parameters and were visible when the screen is on. In this case, the replacement will be free.

Spontaneous peel oleophobic coating can sometimes be significantly less, but it looks much more disgusting worse and really bothers to use it. Such cases can be called isolated and it’s more like a factory defect, so there replacement also is free. It is sufficient to contact the service for four years from the date of purchase of the laptop.

Keyboard-butterfly second-generation

Still unclear why Apple does not want to replace the keyboard with the butterfly mechanism of the second generation all manufactured MacBook. In the summer the part of the line Pro updated, but the rest is still available with the second generation. In appearance they are almost indistinguishable from each other, but the difference between them. Keys in the second generation do not have the protective membrane which reduces the risk of clogging of the mechanism working more noisy than in the third generation.

Some users also face the problem of sticky keys. If this happens, Apple is also free, as in the case with the screen replacing the keyboard.

The solution would be to update the keyboard. There is nothing difficult to start to put the factory new version for all models of laptops.

Weak ports USB Type-C

Several MacBook, except his, I noticed an unpleasant feature of ports USB Type-C is Already out of the store he very firmly holds in the wire. With time the situation worsens and the connector begins to hang out more.

For all its strengths, constructively USB Type-C has one serious shortcomings. It is not equipped with powerful clamps, which are in almost all other versions of USB. This leads to the fact that over time it begins worse to stay and jump.

Despite this, partially solve the problem, as in the updated versions of MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air, the wire is fixed in the connector substantially better. Just something you can think of, Apple is equipped with new connectors and a younger version of laptops that have not received the updates last summer.

The creaking of the moving elements

On several laptops that we have in the wording, I noticed a faint but distinct squeaking of the lid. Don’t see it yet, it’s fine, but you should pay attention once and you start to hear it. Sometimes there is also a small clank at the moment of contact between the cover and the housing. It resembles the sound of crushing sand and very annoying.

Just a wish

As a last point I would like to Express a complaint and wishes to equip a MacBook with additional features.

I often work on the road, and I missed the possible connection to the Network. There are, of course, the hotspot, but it is not always convenient due to the heat of the iPhone and instability.

Perhaps, in the case of little space. Even if this is true, you can make eSIM. Even in Russia, this function will work for a relatively (I hope yet), but at least it will allow the computer to be significantly more portable.

Perhaps it is the desire of Apple to push us into the-PC era. If so, not sure this is a good method.

These are my comments and suggestions. As I said in the beginning, they have been confirmed by many users. If you have something to add or want to discuss it can do so in the comments or our special Telegram chat.

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Мнение: Что нужно добавить в новый MacBook

Мнение: Что нужно добавить в новый MacBook

Мнение: Что нужно добавить в новый MacBook

Мнение: Что нужно добавить в новый MacBook