Opinion: Why Apple should return the skeuomorph in iOS 13

Мнение: Почему Apple следует вернуть скевоморфизм в iOS 13

In 2013, Apple dramatically changed the appearance of its mobile operating system, making a big bet on minimalism. To the key moment of transition to the new style, the company used the skeuomorph – a principle which involves the imitation of real objects. Despite the fact that flat design has become a hallmark of iOS, Apple could go back to basics in the next version, and make the system interface more voluminous and sophisticated.

In early June of 2018 hosted a conference for developers WWDC 2018. Many assumed that iOS 12 will be again the volume on this development pointed to the poster of the event.

Alas, but the wildest guesses did not materialize – iOS 12 practically has not changed in appearance, becoming modified version of iOS 11. All radical changes were postponed until next year. It is possible that in iOS 13 Apple will make the operating system interface three-dimensional and volume – setting the industry a new trend.

No doubt, the interface of iOS 6, despite its high precision, now looks completely outdated. And obviously, Apple needs to develop in a different way. Good example – macOS. Desktop operating system Apple looks minimalistic, but the app icons are not devoid of dimension and detail. In my opinion, this is the modern “skeuomorphs” that would be appropriate in iOS.

However, nothing prevents the designers to use other visual solutions. Journalists 9to5Mac have suggested that Apple may begin to use the interface such a dynamic effect as anisotropism. For example, the glare on the sliders or icons will have no static effect, and will change depending on the position of the smartphone or ambient lighting. Is there any truth in these guesses, will know in six months.

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Мнение: Почему Apple следует вернуть скевоморфизм в iOS 13

Мнение: Почему Apple следует вернуть скевоморфизм в iOS 13