Oppo accuses Huawei of stealing technology: details

Компания Oppo обвиняет Huawei в краже технологий: детали

Usually in the race for trends plays a big role in the date of the presentation of the smartphone: the original will be considered the model presented earlier. However, it seems that this situation did not suit the company Oppo – after the presentation of the Huawei Mate X the company said that the idea of creating such a flexible flagship belongs to her.

As reported 4PDA, informed your options flexible smartphone already presented Samsung and Huawei.

The Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Korean gadget offers build a full-sized display inside the structure, giving the owner an auxiliary smaller screen to work in smartphone mode.

Features of Huawei Mate X. the Device is Huawei, by contrast, uses a single large display, which bends the two halves out, which simplifies the design.

Note, Huawei has unveiled its flexible smartphone on 24 February in the framework of the exhibition MWC 2019. The new product from Oppo announced the next day, February 25, at the same show, which takes place in Barcelona from 25 to 28 February.

Компания Oppo обвиняет Huawei в краже технологий: детали

Smartphone Oppo Mate X introduced a day later than new Huawei

Charges Oppo. According to the Vice-President of Oppo Global Brian Shen, unannounced device Oppo created in the same with Huawei Mate X form factor, including a kind of projection on the housing, the location of the cameras and the location of the brand logo.

Shen said that the company planned to submit its apparatus before the competitor, but at the last moment it was decided to postpone the announcement and focus on the technology of a 10-fold zoom and the future 5G device.

He says that Huawei should be considered a copy of the model from Oppo.

The Reaction Of Huawei. Note that while representatives from Huawei such statements has not officially commented.

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