OPPO has introduced a smartphone with a screen-waterfall: photo

OPPO представила смартфон с экраном-водопадом: фото

Chinese company OPPO has introduced a new home screen for smartphones. He got the name of the Waterfall Screen (screen-waterfall). The manufacturer also has already shown the smartphone is equipped with such a screen.

Writes gsmarena.com this new screen occupies the entire front panel, and the screen as if poured on the side face, on which there was no buttons. The effect of this bezremontnoy.

Photos of the smartphone, announced Vice-President Brian Shen on his page on the social network Weibo.

OPPO представила смартфон с экраном-водопадом: фото

On the date of the announcement has not yet spoken

While Shen did not specify how manufacturers “hid” the front camera. Probably used technology podarennoe camera here or put a retractable mechanism that makes it possible to fill the entire front panel, with no cutouts or holes.

The dates of the announcement and the estimated price is not reported.

OPPO представила смартфон с экраном-водопадом: фото

Looks incredible

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