Oppo showed off its flexible smartphone Mate X

Oppo показала свой гибкий смартфон Mate X

Over the last week we are seeing a real boom of flexible smartphones. So, 20 February, Samsung released the Galaxy Fold. On February 24 at the start of the exhibition MWC 2019, introduced Huawei Mate X. the next day, another Chinese manufacturer, Oppo – showed his version of the flexible device.

As writes the Verge, Vice-President of Oppo Brian Shen has published a photo of the product. It will be called Oppo Mate X. Externally, the novelty is very similar to the Huawei Mate X.

However, Shen hinted that they did not plan to release soon a model. According to him, he doesn’t see the big hype. And until they see a large interest – a novelty release will not.

What is known about the Oppo Mate X. This is one big OLED panel with two screens. Smartphone can be folded in both directions. On the part of the body, which in the folded state is not covered by another display, you can see the camera and led.

Oppo показала свой гибкий смартфон Mate X

Oppo Mate X in the near future will present

Probably Oppo chose a wait. The Chinese want to see how popular it will become Galaxy and Huawei Mate Fold X, which cost about 2 thousand dollars.

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