Opponents, of which the Moustache should be avoided: the top 6 most dangerous

Oleksandr Usyk moved to the heavyweight division. From day to day will be announced the name of the future opponent. With high probability it will be one of a pair of Chisora – Parker. Both top representatives of the Royal division, but the Ukrainian will be the clear favorite in the battle with each of them. Let’s look at boxers who can create for former absolute champion in craterface more serious problems.

1-2. Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder

Both much more Whiskers have a broader reach. Was a successful Amateur Boxing. And, most importantly, have a single knockout punch. One mistake and all winning rounds can be important. The fight with Joshua can be held this year. And a strong desire to meet with Wilder not so long ago, he said Alexander.

3. Tyson Fury

Uncomfortable for everyone, and it certainly confirms Wladimir Klitschko. 16 centimeters in height and 18 in the span of the arms are a big problem for Alexander. He said that fury will be the most difficult opponent for him. However, can you remember how Tyson twice had a problem with boxers is much lower. It managed to send down not the strongest punchers: almost unknown Serb Neven Pajkic and General cruiser with a mass of 95 kilograms Steve Cunningham. Last even won on points, but “the Gypsy king” was able to knock him out. So there is a chance and Cirrus.

Оппоненты, которых Усику надо избегать: топ-6 самых опасных

Оппоненты, которых Усику надо избегать: топ-6 самых опасных

Tyson fury (photo: CBS sports)

4. Jarrell Miller

The undefeated American who goes on fighting with a weight of about 130 pounds, and constantly goes on the attack, can put in front of Crimea still those questions. Even though it is not perfect protection, many passes and isn’t the fastest boxer, but his intensity is impressive. He reaches forward like a raging bull to the color red. Ukrainian must act like a bullfighter, if he wants to win.

5. Ivan Dychko

Two-time bronze Olympic medalist, three-time world championship medalist, Asian champion among Amateurs. On a professional ring has spent 9 fights, all won by knockout. His height is 205 cm. Because of its impact, it is more dangerous than fury. At the 2012 Olympics in London met Anthony Joshua. The Kazakh lost, but after the battle had doubts as to the objectivity of the judging, the fight was very equal, the victory could give any of the boxers. Among the disadvantages Dychko can not remember the strong chin, and there are doubts about his ability to go 12 rounds at a high pace.

Оппоненты, которых Усику надо избегать: топ-6 самых опасных

Оппоненты, которых Усику надо избегать: топ-6 самых опасных

Ivan Dychko (photo: vbetnews.com)

6. Tony Yoka

The Frenchman is the Olympic champion on Boxing in 2016 in the heavyweight division. The body type is similar to Anthony Joshua. Also has a powerful shot, technically, it seems, can withstand the strong hitting opponents. Amateur Boxing lost to the Ukrainian Rostislav Arkhipenko, so that the Tendril must also cope.