Oprah Winfrey presented the home show about coronavirus: video

The favorite of millions of viewers, Oprah Winfrey has decided not to leave their fans to quarantine themselves and to come up with their online show about the coronavirus, which is mounted with Skype calls with invited guests. The first hero of the show was actor Idris Elba, who recently was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Celebrities try not to lose contact with your audience even in such a difficult time as it is now. So, American television host and actress Oprah Winfrey launched the Oprah show Talks, dedicated to pandemic coronavirus in the world. You can watch it on the streaming service Apple TV+.

In the first issue, Oprah spoke with actor Idris Elba. He is infected by the coronavirus and is now undergoing a course of treatment. Joined the conversation and his wife Sabrina Douro, who refused to self-isolation and remained beside her husband. As a result, the woman also picked up the disease. Now the couple are in quarantine in new Mexico.

Elba said that the medical examination he felt headache and pain in the body. However, the actor did not give it much attention and thought that it could lead to numerous trips. The Idris is a very busy schedule and he did not have time to rest between shots, so more were inclined to think that he was tired. The temperature did not rise above 37 degrees and was within normal limits.

I had no symptoms that would indicate Covid-19
– said Elba.

The actor said that he shared his diagnosis due to the fact that many people are not aware of the seriousness of the situation and did not understand what might happen next.

When I passed the test and it was positive, was forced to tell people that this is a very real disease,
– said Idris.

Idris Elba with his wife in the Oprah Winfrey show: watch video

Note, as of 23 March, the world has recorded more than 360 thousand cases of infection of the coronavirus. More than 15 thousand people died, more than 100 thousand recovered. Covid-19 continues to spread around the world. Now the epicenter of the disease is Italy. There infected 63 928 people. Confirmed 6078 deaths. 7432 persons were able to recover. Governments urge their citizens to stay at home, and at the first symptoms of the disease to turn to the family doctor.

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