Options from Russia to consider not planning a Vernidub told where and when to continue

Варианты из России рассматривать не планирую, – Вернидуб рассказал где и когда может продолжить

Former coach Lugansk “Dawn” Yuri vernydub is resting. But he soon may head one of the foreign clubs. But definitely not from Russia.

According to Yuri Vernidub, while he rests. After all, before the 10 years was continuous coaching. He has gone on holiday to Turkey with his wife. And also visited Europe, where he held the first talks.

“He said that at the moment I need another month of rest. Then closer to the fall, after the qualification matches of the Champions League and Europa League will be ready to consider options. Maybe by October I’ll start working again”, – said Yuriy Vernidub comments in the “Team number 1”.

However, he did not name the country where you would like to continue to work. However knows exactly the country where to work plans – Russia.

For me it is important that the club was ambitious and declaring serious problems, reinforce their Affairs. Calls from Juventus didn’t expect, but, in principle, open to any suggestions. Although the options from Russia to consider not planning. Yet between our countries, nothing will change – that’s right. And this, I think, in the near future will not happen
– said Yuriy Vernidub.

The coach understands that he has to work abroad must learn English. That’s exactly what he’s doing right now.

“This is my space, but I want to fill it. Some elementary knowledge of English I have. However, in the next six months, set a goal to jump over the language barrier. Five sessions per week lasting 2 hours, I think, should be enough”, – summed up Yuriy vernydub.