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Чи мріє Джамала про політичну кар'єру: відверте зізнання співачки - 24 Канал

In the Ukrainian show business often there are instances when musicians go into politics. Singer Jamal commented on this and frankly would like it to take a seat in the Verkhovna Rada.

The actress told channel 24 that he is not planning to link their fate with the policy. All because, according to Jamala, all need to be a professional. She successfully sells herself as a singer, so not seeking to change jobs.

“For me it’s a different world that has nothing to do with the world of music and creativity. There is dominated by cynicism and pragmatism, you have to become a different person. In politics you can’t be a cute girl who asks: “Let us take this bill, please!”. And also you can’t be unprofessional. Politics, too, need to learn. Everyone needs to do perfectly. If you’re in my life you turn the page of creativity, music, go learn, you know that you’re interested, you get off on it – then Yes,” confessed Jamal.


The star did, however, proposals for a political career. It happened after the victory at the international competition “Eurovision 2016”. Jamal admits that in politics she doesn’t see herself.

I had a chance to enter politics after Eurovision, there were many proposals. But I did not see anything to do with their worldview. I see how they behave, how they live the policy, you know what they think and what are your guiding principles in decision-making. It’s not for me
– said Jamal.

It is worth noting that in return Jamal is a goodwill Ambassador to combat human trafficking. Star due to its popularity and the publicity draws attention to this global problem. The actress added that she starred in social advertising “the Danger is not immediately visible” and recorded a video for “the Way home that is “outdoor advertising”.

“I learned a lot about modern slavery – real histories of people, and they were all awful! One of them is about the teacher that was invited to a village to work, and then took the documents, kept in captivity, normally are not fed, not paid, poorly treated her. She lived like a half or two years. And nobody cared where it went. She didn’t know where to go, who to turn to. When I learned about all of these cases, as a person, first and foremost, I wanted to help. If my publicity will help to reduce this problem, at least for a small percentage – I would feel happy,” said Jamal.

Watch the clip to the song Jamala’s “the Way home” (video):


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