Or NASA will abandon the Russian

Чи відмовиться NASA від російського

After the accident the carrier rocket “Union” in Russia there was an assumption that NASA can refuse to cooperate with the Russian side. And the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein said he will continue to use the booster Soyuz to send its astronauts to the ISS.

About it reports AFP.

“I expect that we will fly on the rocket “Soyuz”. Now I have no reason to believe that the next scheduled manned launch to the ISS will not go on schedule,” he said during a visit to Moscow.

He said that he was confident a new manned mission to the ISS will be implemented as planned on 20 December.

What is the ISS?It’s a space station orbiting the Earth, created for scientific research in space. ISS was a joint project between NASA and Roscosmos. To perform a variety of works, astronauts make regular EVAs. As of may 2017 on account of the members of the ISS 200 astronauts in space, for a total duration of 1247 hours and 55 minutes.

We will remind, in the morning of 11 October, a Soyuz rocket with two cosmonauts on Board crashed during startup. Both astronauts alive, they made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan. Former station commander astronaut Chris Hadfiled, suggested that the problem on the “Union” is not so easy to find, so the astronauts remaining on the ISS for a long time can get stuck there.

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