Or sick or on a diet: new PHOTO Volochkova appalling

Или больна, или на диете: новые ФОТО Волочковой ужасают

Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is now resting in Greece. In his microblog scandalous star regularly shares new photos and videos. In most cases, the ballerina posing in swimsuits that barely cover her body.

Judging by recent pictures, during the holidays Anastasia noticeably thinner. This is surprising, because on vacation many stars, on the contrary, gain weight. During the trip celebrities often refuse from the sport, but do not go past the local food and sweets. So, for example, happened with Nastya Kamenskih, who loves Italian cuisine and has significantly better while travelling in Italy. And with Katya Osadchaya, who during a holiday in Turkey refused to diet, but decided to try the local ice cream.

However, Anastasia underwent a metamorphosis of another kind: ballerina noticeably thinner. Members of the star concerned. If it goes on, the ballerina may develop anorexia. And, perhaps, the star is already something seriously sick and its thinness is one of the symptoms?