Orbiting the Earth will open the first ever space hotel

На орбите Земли откроют первый в истории космический отель

American company The Gateway Foundations announced plans to open the first ever space hotel. It will be placed in Earth orbit.

This writes ABC News. On Board the space hotel it will be possible to play basketball and sit at the bar.

As explained in the company space station to create artificial gravity different speed.

What an interesting promise? As told by the architect of the space station Tim Alator, aboard the space hotel will be a lot of fun: basketball, trampolines and climbing with low gravity. In addition, the station will be available restaurants, bars, playgrounds, where they will hold concerts, film screenings and workshops.

The launch must take place by 2025. The developers expect about 100 visitors monthly.

“Although at first space travel will be able to afford only wealthy people, the ultimate goal is to make this experience accessible to everyone,” says Alatorre.

By the way, The Gateway Foundation is not the only company that wants to develop space tourism. NASA also said it plans to open the International space station for private astronauts until 2020.

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