“Orizonte zapadentsev!” Skobeeva scandal broadcast from Bandera

''Урезоньте западенцев!'' Скабеева устроила скандал в эфире из-за Бандеры

Scandalous top propagandist of the Kremlin Olga Skobeeva threw a tantrum live because of the monuments to the leaders of the OUN and the UPA in Ukraine.

On “60 minutes” TV channel “Russia 1” she was accused of “Nazification” of the inhabitants of the Western regions of the country a stranger to her and demanded to pacify them (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

“You have in Ukraine 44 of the monument and the monument to Stepan Bandera, a 13 – Roman Shukhevych, 500 – the Upashniki! And you say that is not your Ukrainian politics?! If you zapadentsy in the way, well, orizonte them! If the majority of Ukrainians do not support such a policy, associated with the Nazification, put them in their place!” – shouted a scandalous fan of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

  • Skobeeva previously issued for the truth absurd fiction that shortly Ukraine will lyustrirovat children who do not recognize the OUN leader Stepan Bandera a hero.