Orlusha: Putin appointed Berezovsky. It was his biggest mistake

Орлуша: Путина назначил Березовский. Это была его большая ошибка

President of Russia Vladimir Putin “appointed” is not the first head of state Boris Yeltsin and the Russian oligarchs and businessman Boris Berezovsky. About this Russian ex-spin doctor Andrei Orlov, known as the poet Orlusha, said the “observer” in an interview published November 16.

“Neither Yeltsin nor the other oligarchs, Putin did not “set”, it was only Boris Berezovsky. No seven bankers and regardine was not there. Putin appointed Berezovsky. That was his big mistake, for which he paid with his life. Putin’s people as a result, I think, and killed,” he said.

A former political consultant explained that he “had a little part in the creation of the” President Putin, working with Berezovsky.

“He ran in the presidential Administration and the security Council. I told him that he makes a systematic mistake, but he decided that there are some former KGB boys,” said Orlusha.

Putin came to power in Russia in December 1999 when Yeltsin resigned for health reasons and appointed Putin acting President.

Berezovsky was a Soviet and Russian businessman, politician and scientist. 2000 was a political opponent of Putin. From 2001 he was wanted on charges of fraud, money laundering and attempted violent seizure of power. Since 2003, Berezovsky lived in Britain to the status of political refugee.

The body of 67-year-old Berezovsky was found in March 2013 in his house in the UK. The main version of the investigation – suicide. Businessman buried in the cemetery in the British County of Surrey.

In 2018, the eldest daughter of Berezovsky Elizabeth stated that her father could poison to everyone around seemed to be that he is depressed, and eventually kill, to mimic a suicide.