Oshchadbank said, why not accept payments without personal data

В Ощадбанке рассказали, почему не принимают платежи без личных данных

On February 20, Oschadbank does not accept payments for communal without registration personal Cabinet. All people are asking for the payments to use a mobile or landline phone number and name. Without these data, the banking program does not accept payments. Oshchadbank commented on the innovation.

According to the press service of the Bank, Zaporizhzhya regional management of Oshchadbank updated the software to receive payments. The program involves the creation of a personal account of the payer, which will continue the story of his payments. Accordingly, to identify the customer when making a payment, the cashier said his phone number. This innovation will reduce the time the payment is made, and in the case of a refund by the recipient Bank will have the ability to contact the payer for further data on the payment or return of funds.

Oshchadbank emphasize that the software update is not related to the monetization of subsidies.