Otskanirovanogo of the passport of the Russians steal when sending through instant messengers

Отсканированые паспорта россиян воруют при пересылке через мессенджеры

The name of any person may be on a fake document on the left “photo”.

Most Russians can assume that their data is not in the database hackers either they do not threaten any fall off due to the fact that hackers are not interested in their life, status and the amount of money a person.

However, in reality this is not true. On the “black market” sell all that you can and at different scales. So, one of the cables channels dedicated to hacking, results the approximate prices for the cost of information about the person. So, steal a scan of the passport among hackers is estimated at about $25, and a new passport made from scanned is already estimated at $1 thousand, the highest price. Other data about the person are valued significantly less.

This is the scanned page of the passport often send employees to their employers via e-mail, social networks or instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. And for a professional hacker to hack a computer or a smartphone currently is not difficult, especially if both of the gadget is not protected.

Experts advise users to frequently change passwords for online accounts and social media accounts to avoid the leakage of personal information. However with smartphones and leaked information from them, the exact answer. For example, WhatsApp is working on Iphone, saves all messages into iCloud, which can be obtained after hacking email. With smartphones based on Android everything is even easier.

Recall that since the middle of January 2019, the hackers posted on the Internet the largest database of e-mail and passwords. The entire database consists of 25 billion usernames and passwords. According to experts, more than 2.2 billion records to date are unique, they have never been published before. The database exceeds 900 GB, it consists of five parts.

According to experts, in base there are even data of Russian users, including logins and passwords from accounts in social network “Vkontakte”. There are also data on the accounts from Yahoo, LinkedIn and Dropbox.