Our family wasn’t healthy, Charlize Theron told how her mother killed the father

Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has stunned fans with a story about the death of his father. A celebrity openly admitted that her mom killed her husband in self-defense. At the time of his death, Charlize was 15 years old.

As reported by People, the memories, the actress shared during a conversation with journalists during the presentation of the film “Sex bomb”. It happened in new York when the press asked Charlize Theron, what are her plans for the future, and what personal drama helped her to skillfully play the role of victim sex scandal.

The actress admitted that in the 15 years lost her father. His death was a real relief for the whole family, because the man had an alcohol addiction and has transformed the lives of their relatives in hell. One evening her mother Gerda was forced to kill her husband to protect herself and Charlize Theron.

“My father was a sick man. He was an alcoholic my whole life – I didn’t know it. It was a pretty hopeless situation in which stuck our family. Every day is unpredictable when you live with an alcoholic, and that feeling stays with you inside for life. I think that our family was not very healthy. Of course, all this affected us, have left their traces in our souls. I’d like to see what happened that night would never have happened,” recalled Charlize Theron.

Наша семья не была здоровой, – Шарлиз Терон рассказала, как ее мама убила отца

Наша семья не была здоровой, – Шарлиз Терон рассказала, как ее мама убила отца

Charlize Theron with mother Gerda / The Daily Mail

In addition, the actress told what exactly happened that night. Charlize Theron has admitted that the drunk father came home with a gun and tried to kill her mother. They decided to hide in the room of the actress and to wait when the man will calm down and go to sleep. However, Charlize’s father began shooting at the door, because Gerda had no choice.

My father was so drunk he could barely stand on his feet when he came into the house with a gun. My mom and I were in my bedroom and leaned against the door. He just shot the door three times. None of those bullets did not hit us, and it’s a miracle. But in self-defense, my mother decided to eliminate this threat
– she added.

At the end of the interview, Charlize Theron said that never hesitated to this episode of his life. Mom believes she’s a heroine who faithfully defended her child. The actress admitted that her story can inspire other women not to suppress domestic violence and to get away from the abuser before he wants to commit violence.

“Is violence in the family, and I share this history, this fate with many people. I’m not ashamed to talk about it, because I think the more we talk about these things, the more we realize that we are not alone. I think for me it was always a story about what it means to grow up and live with a person who suffers from addiction and what consequences it can have,” – said Charlize Theron.