“Our goal is to reach agreements”. Hungary has clarified the conditions to unlock the dialogue between Ukraine and NATO

"Наша цель - достичь договоренностей". Венгрия уточнила условия для разблокирования диалога Украины и НАТО

Ukraine expects to resume support of Hungary to NATO. On may 29 at a press conference in Budapest after meeting with Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto stated the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, told “European truth”.

“There is no objective reason for us to have been any significant problems. We hope that will be restored full support for Hungary Ukraine into NATO,” – said Kuleba.

He added that Hungary can count on the support of Ukraine’s initiatives in Central Europe.

“We look forward to working to a common result, when our countries will gain from cooperation, not to lose from confrontation,” – said the Ukrainian diplomat.

Szijjártó said that the settlement of this controversy affects not only the education act but the law on functioning of Ukrainian as the state language (earlier, the Minister said that the language law violates the rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine, and reflects the views of the fifth President Petro Poroshenko who antiviruskey policy).

“Hungary is waiting for the decision of problems with the question of education and the law on the use of the state language. Then we’ll block that block in connection with NATO”, – quotes its “European truth”.

He stressed that Hungary wants to remove the restrictions.

“We don’t want to keep a lock, our goal is to reach agreements. We want to close all discussions related to the law on education and the language and wish to achieve a solution that will be acceptable for Hungarians in Transcarpathia. I hope that we [the opposition] forget that this is a thing of the past,” said the Hungarian diplomat.

He did not say what specific comments to the law on functioning of Ukrainian as the state language have the Hungarian side.

Relations between Ukraine and Hungary deteriorated after the adoption in Ukraine in September 2017 of the law “On education”. Under the provisions of this document, expanding the use of the state language in school. Hungary expressed concern about the future of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side explained that in the Hungarian schools in Transcarpathia the Ukrainian language was taught in such miniscule amounts that at the end of the school the majority of young Hungarians practically did not understand. Thus, they have problems at admission into Ukrainian universities and your job search.

In Budapest block the meeting of the Commission Ukraine – NATO at the highest level and are ready to confront the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, until deprived of this controversial issue. Previously, the Hungarian side insisted on the introduction of changes in the law, but, as noted by “European truth” in his statements after meeting with Coleby Szijjártó did not mention about this condition.