“Our” or “our”: why Ukraine can not decide the fate of the Crimean people

"Наши" или "не наши": почему Украина не может решить судьбу крымчан

Know what the main problem of the Crimea? The fact that Ukraine still has not agreed who live on the Peninsula, “our” or “our”. One can only argue about how many Crimeans were forced to leave the Peninsula and travel to the mainland.

The marks themselves vary: some say about 50 thousands, and someone about 100. But, in any case, compared to immigrants from the Donbas, the Crimean people on the mainland is much smaller: a ratio of about 1:20.

This is not surprising – from Donetsk and Lugansk people left, fleeing from the war. And the Peninsula, where no fighting had taken place, left in the first place, not for the household, and for political reasons.

Many of those who did not accept the new flags, to live in the Crimea – for example, for family reasons. But, in any case, the number of Crimeans who moved incomparable with the amount remaining. And today Ukraine can’t decide how to treat those who continue to live on the Peninsula.

In fact, it is the main stumbling block. From the answer to this question is born of a logical chain. If in annexed Crimea are “not ours”, then “own fault”, “there was no need to go to a referendum”, “Russia wanted – get”. If you live in the Crimea “wrong”, then they shouldn’t sympathize with, there is no point in trying to reintegrate and there is no reason to pay attention to their problems.

Check themselves

Think about the fact that Crimean students need help to enter the Ukrainian universities. If you now want to gloat, the test you failed.

Failed, because the Crimea can be returned only in case, if you think it is “their”. If the inhabitants of the Peninsula for you is hostage to Russian aggression. If there was no “return to home port,” and was annexation. If you understand that no Russian troops, no local “feast of disobedience” on the Peninsula even it would be impossible to imagine.

It is for this same reason, there is no point in discussing “referendum”. No point in guessing how many people took part in it. Just because Moscow has pursued it with a single purpose: to create the illusion that the Crimean people become architects of change operations flags.

And if you are discussing “referendum”, then you, unwittingly, play by the rules of Moscow. The one that left the inhabitants of the Crimea no choice – because even on the ballot were asked to choose between the actual “independence of the Crimea” and its integration into the Russian Federation.

Yes, in the Crimea enough of those who rejoice in the new citizenship of the Peninsula, but that is no reason to generalize. At least because on the mainland, away from the front line Ukrainians live, wants to return to the Soviet Union.

It is about those who secretly wants the country’s capital was Moscow, not Kiev. Moreover, these people live in different areas of the country, but it does not give us a reason to advocate for it to cross these regions from the state.

Crimea – a victim of Russian aggression

Crimea became the first victim of Russian aggression, not only because he was the main personification of phantom pain for Russia, but also because its capture was convenient purely logistical. Because there were deployed the Russian fleet. Because the region bordered with the Russian airfields.

In the end, because the Crimea is a Peninsula connected with the mainland by a narrow isthmus to block and hold which is much easier than, for example, to monitor the long land border between the Sumy region and the neighboring regions.

Ukraine is trying to escape from the Soviet narrative: renames the streets and cleans the warehouses monuments. But the principle of collective guilt – as well as irresponsible generalizations – he’s also out of the Soviet past, from which the country is trying to escape.

In the end, each questionnaire item was about life in the occupied territories. The Soviet Union rested in the Lord, and the habit to believe that the only correct model of behavior in the occupation is a guerrilla – alive.

And ignore the Pro-Russian activists from the Peninsula, in social networks trying to convince you of the unanimity of the Crimean people. Voice Pro-Ukrainian Crimeans are simply not heard, because even the anonymous account is not grantia that in the morning at your door, don’t knock the FSB operatives.

Instead, they prefer to read, not write, to listen, not talk. And whenever you write a spiteful comment about those who live on the Peninsula, you burn these people another hope that homeland remembers them.

But because the formula is simple. There are almost two and a half million Ukrainian citizens who are forced to live in the Crimea under the Russian flag. They are all hostages of the annexation, which gave the Kremlin five years ago.

Any public disagreement with reality is fraught for them with criminal cases, and because they are forced to remain silent, that said it could be used against them. Among these people are those who broke the oath, and sooner or later they will meet with the Ukrainian justice.

But to reduce the whole to the Crimea Aksenov or Poklonskaya – it’s like that to bring Ukraine to Pushilin or Zakharchenko. And for that matter, throw rocks at Crimeans can only those who know for sure is that his native region in terms of occupation, the polls would have gone into the forest partisans. That is one.

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"Наши" или "не наши": почему Украина не может решить судьбу крымчан

"Наши" или "не наши": почему Украина не может решить судьбу крымчан