Our world is the matrix created by Superintelligent beings – philosopher

The computer creates a certain reality for billions of people on Earth, and even for the aliens, says a philosopher and Director of the Oxford Institute Nick Bostrom.

Наш мир матрица, созданная сверхразумными существами - философ

not so developed to realize the power of computer models of consciousness. Bostrom argues that in the future, “imperfect people” can connect with the robotic system and also be the overmind, but then the population of planet Earth will be able to monitor the computer program for the existence of the living world.

The philosopher notes that in this Universe, nothing stands still, and people also need to develop. He argues that our world matrix is created by Superintelligent beings. Soon these may become the people, but it takes a lot of resources, which on the Earth yet. Bostrom talks about motives of creation of the simulation for the Earth’s life. He suggested that the authors of the matrix can run certain processes in order to solve the current problems of each person.

And the most interesting is the fact that the simulation can end in very different ways. This may be a “system failure” or specially prepared Apocalypse. Nick Bostrom is sure that in ancient times the matrix also existed, but then the program was basic and primitive.

Now the development of technology allows to implement new developments, to build more complex programs. However, the philosopher is still not ready to answer the question, who created the Earth matrix and runs with it people. Bostrom holds that humanity with the help of nanotechnology controlled by the overmind, and people still can’t comprehend the process cursisten.

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