Out the trailer for the film adaptation of “Aladdin” from Disney

Вышел трейлер киноадаптации «Аладдина» от студии Disney

The Disney Studio introduced the TV trailer for the movie “Aladdin”, in which among other things showed will Smith in the role of Gina.

Adaptation of the famous disney cartoon to come out in cinemas in may. The original animated film based on the tale of the “Thousand and one nights”, was released in 1992. The film earned two Academy awards and collected more than 500 million dollars at the box office with a budget of 28. The role of the Genie, who helps the main character – Aladdin – in the original was played by Robin Williams. In the “live” remake of the cartoon, as mentioned above, the role went to actor and rapper will Smith, which, of course, angered many fans who are confident that the real Ginny could only be Williams. Unfortunately, the actor passed away in 2014.

The Director of the live-version of “Aladdin” was made by guy Ritchie, known to moviegoers as the author of black Comedy about gangsters, such as “lock, stock and two Smoking barrels” and “snatch.” It should be noted that recent work by the filmmaker – “the Sword of king Arthur” – flopped at the box office. Newsmir.info hopes that Aladdin will not repeat the fate of the blockbuster.

Teaser trailer of the movie “Aladdin”