Outdated sportypal BMW i8 will go down in history in the spring

Устаревший спортгибрид BMW i8 уйдет в историю уже весной

The Bavarians will focus on the production of fully electric models.

BMW is preparing to remove from the conveyor i8 hybrid sports cars: and lasted on the market for six years, coupe and Roadster, which debuted a little over two years ago. According to the British publication Autocar, orders for the model will no longer accept at the end of February, and production will stop in April.

Someone the BMW i8 may seem fresh model, but its ideological Foundation was laid in 2009 with the Vision EfficientDynamics concept, and today it looks outdated. The power plant is based on the 1.5 l turbo engine does not give any impressive dynamics, nor any tangible reserve – it is the recipe of “neither yours, nor ours”: the fans of sports cars will prefer something from the range of BMW M, and “green” – more efficient hybrid like the Swedish-Chinese Polestar 1, which, at least, can use in electric mode.

In the UK dealers have already started to reduce prices for the BMW i8.

There were rumors that BMW will replace the hybrid all-electric model aimed at competing with the revived Tesla Roadster and the Audi R8 e-tron. Even if this happens, the electric car will not be completely unique: the Bavarians have calculated and came to the conclusion that not having analogues with DVS niche projects such as i3 and i8 cost too much, and therefore it is necessary to build all the machines on the platforms, was originally designed for electrification.