Outlet flexible smartphone Huawei Mate X has been postponed again: reasons

Выход гибкого смартфона Huawei Mate X снова перенесли: причины

Flexible smartphone Huawei Mate X was announced back in February at MWC 2019. Newly updated smartphone lit up in the hands of the head of the company, and the network began to spread rumors that the announcement of the device is scheduled for September. However, the company has changed dramatically.

The President of the mobile division to the Chinese company Khe Gan said that Huawei Mate X is not ready for release to the market, GSMArena reports.

Why delay the release of the smartphone Huawei Mate X? According to him, the company is still optimizing the design of the device, it should meet the quality standards of Huawei. He also noted that the process of creating the device was more complex than expected, because of the novelty of the design and production methods.

Everyone should understand that requirements Huawei quality is very high. If your smartphone does not meet these requirements, we will not allow this product to enter the market. We have invested heavily in Mate X. We guarantee high quality products with good consumer experience,
said Ho Gan in an interview.

Updated Huawei Mate X. note, last week an updated revision of a flexible smartphone Huawei Mate X noticed in the hands of CEO Richard Yu.

Unlike the previous version, the gadget has got a fourth chamber, an enlarged button with a red panel to unlock the hinge and textured composite panel at the fold line with the outer side of the housing.

Review of smartphone Huawei Mate X – watch videos

Release date and price Huawei Mate X. release date X Huawei Mate still to be announced. Accurate information about the cost of Huawei Mate X yet. According to rumors, it will cost 2299 euros (about 65 UAH 200).

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