Outside the gates of the Berdyansk penal colony hell, even worse

За воротами Бердянской исправительной колонии ад, даже хуже

The documentary “Area 77” about torture in Berdyansk colony caused a great resonance, and the Prosecutor of Kerman have not noticed anything

Bad rumors for a long time accompany Berdyansk colony. Once in the network appeared the film Vlad Sydorenko and Sergiy Didkovskiy, these conversations will be added at times. A powerful motive for law enforcement to finally find out what happens behind the entrance gate BIK-77?

In the film, former prisoners talk about how working with the administration “goats” raped, beat and killed inmates who refused to pay for the normal conditions of his release. The bulk of the money went to the leadership of the colony, the order numbers there are quite serious tis from 500 UAH per month.

According to prisoners, such rules are instituted in the colony for more than ten years.

And then the question arises, what role in this mayhem played the current Director of the Territorial Department of the State Bureau of investigation located in the city of Melitopol Denis Kerman, who in 2012 – 2014 years held the position of the Berdyansk Interdistrict Prosecutor of Zaporozhye region.

After all, for him, and got all the statements and complaints from prisoners, the Denis Kerman went out with inspections to the colony, he put his signature to the death certificate of the prisoner and documents about parole.

Judging by the fact that in a colony, nothing has changed, and Denis Kerman did a pretty successful career, definitely he was the topic and share.