Over Ani Lorak cruelly mocked: photo leaked

Над Ани Лорак жестоко поиздевались: фото попало в сеть

Ani Lorak, who is currently working on a music video for their song “I would fly”, for the past week, pleased his fans with fresh photos from the shoot. Director it this clip, like several previous, was Alan Badoev.

Judging by the photos and published the video, “flying” crew not in the middle lane and not on the shore of the Barents sea, although the sea in the frame is present. The shooting took place somewhere in hot countries. Itself Ani Lorak and all the crew dressed for the beach, and in between “flights” they don’t have to warm your hands over the heater in the trailer. Throughout the rest of the work, apparently, a difficult and rather costly.

A few days ago, Ani Lorak appeared before his fans in a snow-white robe. But recently in her Instagram there is a new photo where the singer is wearing either a tunic, or mini dress solid cascading light brown fringe. In General, the frame is reminiscent of the attire of a ragged straw hastily constructed by the natives, who first descended from the boats of white men. Well, or some pretentious suit with a children’s party, born of the creative imagination of the mother (as if the mother was Badoev).

“Coco nut”, – sighting and noticed someone from the followers.

“Neeee, dress ostrich”, – shot in the “top ten” of the other.

Your photo the singer has not signed in any way, leaving fans the opportunity to pofantaziruete. True, Carolina has provided a snapshot of chelteham was abilitata

And the singer, and separately, her outfit caused a lot of responses – mostly enthusiastic.

“What a dress! Carolina! You are the Fairy of music, love and good”, “How love makes the man”, “Fly my birdie”, “we are in Phuket mango season – travel with kids”, “Dear Ani, You are the Board gave representatives of the African tribe Tumba-Umba? Anyway, suits you very well” – covered Ani Lorak compliments fans.

However, there was one comment and a warning:

“It would not have been knocked up after a long flight.”

Alan Badoev, or what hints?

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Над Ани Лорак жестоко поиздевались: фото попало в сеть

Над Ани Лорак жестоко поиздевались: фото попало в сеть

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