Over the past 5 years, the cost of social products in Ukraine has grown in 3 times

За последние 5 лет стоимость социальных продуктов в Украине выросла в 3 раза

Alex Doroshenko drew attention to the substantial rise of social products in Ukraine. On his page on Facebook Director of the Association of retailers said they went up 3 times, reports Newsmir.info.

According to Oleksiy Doroshenko, for the last 5 years the price of social products in Ukraine grew by 3 times. In February, the cost of social basket was 342,7 of the hryvnia, this year it has risen to 939,9 of the hryvnia. It is almost a three-fold price increase, said the expert.

Doroshenko also explained that social basket consists of 23 items of food, the cost of which in 2014 were regulated by administrative methods, i.e., government. Today the statistics provide information on the 31 product, However, the list of positions in the social basket is expanded only at the end of 2017. The only tangible rise in prices of social bread products – they rose almost 4 times. 2.7 times increase in the price of meat and groceries, while milk has risen in price in 2,5 times. In this regard, it is worth noting that food prices in Ukraine in many respects higher than in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.