Overhaul of the second power unit of South-Ukrainian NPP has reduced at 21 days

Капитальный ремонт второго энергоблока Южно-Украинской АЭС сократили на 21 сутки

According to plan-precautionary repair (PPR) of unit 2 of South-Ukrainian NPP completed by 21.08 days earlier than planned.

The overhaul, launched March 19, is provided for 107 days lasted 85,92 days. Planned works on repair, reconstruction and modernization of equipment of power unit No. 2 is made in full, reports it to the press-service of the enterprise.

Due to the reduction of the period of PPR incremental 257,4 million kWh of electricity. This significant reduction is achieved for the first time. Managed through parallel execution of the works.

“The outage of the second unit was how the repair works and measures on reconstruction and modernization of equipment, including equipment of the safety system channels. Two of them provided for replacement batteries, which had to be completed sequentially one after the other. But we discussed and agreed with the SNRCU additional possibility of implementing these works in parallel on two channels of safety system,” – explains the head of Department of preparation and carrying out of repairs of su NPP Konstantin Shcherban.

In addition to work on the security systems at the second “million plus city” was made the traditional outage overhaul of a reactor overload of the active zone and control metal internal and external surfaces of the body, the removal of spent nuclear fuel, major repairs of fixtures and equipment, repaired in the complete unloading of the reactor core, the repair of steam generators with control of metal of welded joints welding of collectors of the 1st loop to the taps No. 111-1, 111-2, eddy current testing of heat exchange tubes (ONE), and silencing defective THE steam generators according to the results, the overhaul of one of the circulating pumps low-pressure cylinder No. 2 etc.

The repair process was involved in 1450 experts. 1200 of them-representatives of the private su NPP personnel, the 170 employees of contractors and 80 – the staff are OP “Atomremontservis”. Delays in any of the planned works is not allowed.

“The entire repair staff with high responsibility attitude to the performance of assigned work, guiding them with the proper quality. And that, along with quality analysis and planning is the key to such a significant advance graphics”, – said Konstantin Shcherban.