“Overly feminine”: the group “VIA Gra” has attracted attention in America

"Чрезмерно женственно": группа "ВИА Гра" привлекла внимание в Америке

Interest was aroused by the appearance of the “Golden” part of the team.

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Editor of the American edition of Vogue magazine vine Satenstein dedicated his article to a detailed analysis of the style of the band “VIA Gra”. Most of all she noted the “gold” part of a group where there were Vera Brezhneva, Anna Sedakova and Hope Meyher.

She recalls that in those years the girls wore jeans with a low rise and reveal the whole body. Their clothes were largely covered in sequins and furs – a style columnist called “overly feminine”.

The editor notes that their clothing was not flashily vulgar. Style of girls, in her words, was reasonably sexy. She also noted that during the filming of the clip “don’t leave me, beloved” Vera Brezhnev looked very fitting to the song, which tells about a girl who is confused in love.

“The Brezhnev gorgeous French manicure, fur ushanka, a bright orange top with snakeskin print and shiny silver shirt off her navel” – an excerpt from the article “Tape. ru”.

After 2007, the composition of the “VIA gra” changed several times. The most successful consider the time period when the scene came out of Brezhnev, Sedakova and Meyher. Now the girls are busy with their own career.

Vera Brezhnev married the producer group Konstantin Meladze. I believe that not so long ago the singer was jealous of her husband to one of the new members of the team and decided to get rid of the opponent.