Overview demo games Anthem: why is the game will become a cult

Обзор демоверсии игры Anthem: почему игра станет культовой

1 Feb developers Bioware and publishers Electronic Arts have launched a demo version of the game size is almost 26 GB, which is quite a big file like a demo game.

22 Feb Anthem the game comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In the beginning of the game there is nothing interesting to come to one and go to another… the juice Anthem begins when we access javelina is a universal suit, which allows you to cross impassable places, to swim any distance and to carry a whole Arsenal of weapons. All in the game are 4 types: Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor. (In the demo we are given one basic javelin Ranger.)

Gameplay Anthem is exactly what the new project from Electronic Arts is a cult. At the javelina have enough abilities and stylish movement.

Game control is easy and it can very quickly get used to, and some things you begin to understand on a subconscious level.

Open and pretty enough, with lots of secrets and a variety of creatures and enemies – the world Anthem is inspiring. At this point I want to spend hours exploring every corner of the world. Sometimes you just start to think that he is infinite!

Anthem: trailer

Disadvantages of this demo are problems with shooting and melee, blurry textures with low resolution in some places, and the work of the servers of Electronic Arts. Shooting seemed too “oak” with a weak and quiet dedication, and the melee is also “oak” and slow.

The problem with “soap” textures in the game occurs when you come close to any subject or place. And, that’s the problem with the servers of Electronic Arts was really great. Choose servers worked very unstable, and because of this, some impressions of the game were lower during the job, the game could just fly from working servers.

So I see a demo of the Anthem – one of the most important games of the year. Project engine – Frostbite 3 – gives great opportunities and opens a lot of horizons for developers. All the problems to release the game should be removed, because it is crucial for Bioware project.

Author: Julia Antonenko

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