Owners of smartphones Samsung got a strange notification: what it means

Some users of Samsung smartphones around the world got the message with the number “1”. “Victims” were about thousands of owners of devices Samsung.

As writes the Verge, notification was received by the users who have installed proprietary Find My Mobile app (“find my phone”).

It gives the ability to remotely control the phone from another device Samsung, in particular, when it is lost or stolen.

“Oh shit, I got this strange notification from Find My Mobile and foolishly clicked on it. Nothing happened, but I almost have a heart attack,” wrote user Josh Broome.

“I got this strange message “find my mobile” and inadvertently clicked on it and nothing happened, but I’m a little scared,” writes another owner Samsung under the name heaven’s lust.

Says Samsung

The company Samsung promptly responded to the problem. It was explained that there was a technical failure in one of the applications. While it stressed that this failure does not affect users ‘ devices.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause for our users,” – said in a statement.

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