Ozil was removed from the PES 2020 Mobile in China due to criticism of the government: the details of the scandal

Player of London “Arsenal” Mesut Ozil has removed from the video game PES 2020 Mobile in China. NetEase provides games series in China, was removed from Mesut from three games.

The reason was that Mesut Ozil in their social networks have criticized China for repression against the Uighurs, reports the Independent.

East Turkestan, as the bleeding wound of the Islamic Ummah (religious community – Спорт24) resists the persecution, the purpose of which is to try to separate them from religion. They (China – Спорт24) burn the Koran, close down mosques and schools, kill religious figures.

Men are sent to camps, while their families are forced to live with Chinese men. But the Muslims are silent. They don’t make noise. They left behind them. Don’t they know that to allow persecution is persecution?,
– wrote Ozil.

Who are the Uighurs?People of Turkic descent living in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region of China. In September 2018, Human Rights Watch published a report on the persecution of the Muslim population of the Chinese region of Xinjiang.

According to the organization, in recent years there EN masse and often arbitrarily detained Uighurs, placing them in the prison and educational camps; for millions of people organized constant surveillance, and their social status and destiny depend on the points awarded in the “social credit”.

In the Chinese Internet company NetEase has announced that Ozil as it “violated the sporting spirit of love and peace”.

German player Ozil has published in social networks an incredible statement about China. This language hurt the feelings of Chinese fans and violated the sporting spirit of love and peace. We do not understand neither accept nor forgive this!,
– said NetEase.

Note that after the publication of Ozil, who is Muslim, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has canceled the broadcast of the match of the championship of England “Arsenal” – “Manchester city”.

Ozil’s name was removed from search engines, blocked the social network and dissolved the fan club of the player “M10”, in which there were about 30 thousand people.

The reaction of the Arsenal, China and other

At Arsenal, commenting on the scandal, said that Ozil is written is only his opinion.

Arsenal should clarify its position regarding the review of Mesut Ozil in social networks. Written with Ozil is his personal opinion. Football club, Arsenal has always adhered to the principle of non-interference in politics, – reads the statement of the London club, reports The Guardian.

At the same time, foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang believes that Ozil was misled. “I don’t know, visited Mr. Ozil Xinjiang personally, but it seems that he was misled by the fake news. His judgement was influenced by the false remarks. If Mr. Ozil will have the opportunity, we will be happy to see him in Xinjiang, so he could see it with your own eyes” – quoted Geng Shuang BBC.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo was supported by Ozil. He said that the truth will prevail.

The propaganda channels of the Communist party of China may censor of Mesut Ozil and Arsenal games all season, but the truth will prevail. The Communist party of China can not hide from the world egregious human rights violations committed against Uyghurs and representatives of other religious confessions,
– wrote Pompeo.

German soccer club Cologne has decided to suspend the construction of the Academy in China because of the scandal with Ozil. The deal was estimated at 1.8 million euros.

The President of “Cologne” Werner wolf told the newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger that the club decided to abandon the project “in the current sporting situation.”

A former member of the Board of Directors of “Cologne”, and now the representative of the Board Stefan müller-römer said that the team will be able to do without China.

In China human rights are massively ignored. Situation, surveillance is even worse than imagined by George Orwell. I followed the development of events in China for more than 20 years and have been there several times. I know whereof I speak. That’s why I think that “Cologne” should not be active in this market. To make money at any cost is not an option.

In addition, which is doubtful, is it possible to make it, there are more important things than money. And as a non-profit organization that is socially active, we cannot support such a brutal and totalitarian dictatorship
– said Mueller-Roemer.

Responded not only to government agencies. The Chinese Arsenal fan posted on the social network Weibo the video, which burns shirt Ozil.

In the comments, dozens of fans wrote that will do the same. Some just post a photo with the shirt of the midfielder and the caption “What a disappointment”.

Озила удалили с PES 2020 Mobile в Китае из-за критики власти: детали скандала

Озила удалили с PES 2020 Mobile в Китае из-за критики власти: детали скандала

Portrait Ozil near the trash / Photo Weibo