PACE kicks off without Russia

ПАСЕ стартует без России

On 21 January in Strasbourg will begin its winter session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Application for confirmation of the authority in meeting filed 45 national delegations of the 47 member countries.

The Russian Federation will not send its delegation to PACE because of the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“Last week, negotiations were held between the representatives of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the state Duma of the Russian Federation. The Russians tried to one wanted, no one could challenge their authority during the registration of delegation. Unfortunately for them, they refused. Because I understand that the Ukrainians in any case will rise and will appeal. And Ukrainians will support all who understand that a country that did not fulfill any of the PACE resolution, annexed the Crimea, occupied part of the Donbass, violated international agreements, it is impossible to return,” said a member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Borislav Birch.

Also in January will not participate, the delegates of Bosnia and Herzegovina because of the political situation in the country.

The session will last until January 25. Among other things, the Assembly under urgent procedure on 24 January will hold a debate on the topic: “the Open aggression of Russia against Ukraine: the failure of the peace process and the threat to European security.”

The Ukrainian delegation on 22 January, will hold hearings on the question of illegal actions of the Russian occupying authorities in Crimea. We are talking about the publication of the facts of deportation, forced displacement of Ukrainian citizens in Crimea and colonization of the Peninsula by Russia. On January 23 the Chairman of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev will remind the international community about the Ukrainian political hostages of Putin.