8 foods with magnesium that you want to include in the diet to improve health

Enter in your winter diet beans, lentils, bananas, dark chocolate and other foods rich in magnesium. Their use is a very effective way to avoid mineral deficiencies and improve your overall health, writes portal MedikForum.ru. Magnesium is the fourth content level in the body mineral that our body needs magnesium to carry out many important […]

8 cases where an urgent need to go to the cardiologist

Cardiovascular diseases – non-infectious epidemic of the modern world. Have you ever wondered when you need to seek the advice of a cardiologist? I need to run to examine the heart, the cardiologist told Eteri Kolesnik, reports 24 channel. High blood pressure. High blood pressure is recorded every fifth inhabitant of the Earth. High blood […]

8 11 features of the iPhone, which are not mentioned in the presentation

Announced on 10 September, iPhone has different display size, the powerful A13 processor and wonderful features of cameras. However, during the presentation, Apple CEO Tim cook did not mention some other features of new products. iPhone Xs and Xs Max “buried” Presented a year ago iPhone Xs and Xs Max is not available in the […]

79-year-old Ukrainian claims that never hurts. Health secrets of unique women

She quickly runs up the stairs to the ninth floor and squats a hundred and fifty times without stopping. With such exercise may not handle every girl, a 79-year-old Lydia Shepherd — not even choking, the newspaper “Express”. Woman daily pressed by the floor, sit-UPS, squats, jumping rope for an hour doing almost a hundred […]

78-the summer pensioner in Krivoy Rog on the street, although he has an adopted daughter and the apartment

Krivorozhanin Stepan Gavrilovich of Samburu were left homeless when his foster daughter got an apartment. In the editors “First of Krivoy Rog” asked the pensioner. He said that on 28 June he returned home and the apartment was change the locks, and his clothes scattered on the landing in the stairwell. “In the morning I […]

77-year-old star of the Russian Federation Vovk told about clinical death because of the pregnancy

77-year-old Russian TV host, the star of the show, “song of the year” and “good night, kids” angelina Vovk survived clinical death Cause health problems became severe ectopic pregnancy. About it it is told in the project “the Destiny of man” (see video at the end of the news). In connection with the diagnosis, angelina […]

there are details about the state of her health

The famous French actress Catherine Deneuve is undergoing treatment in a clinic in Paris. The legend of world cinema suffered an ischemic stroke and is recovering from her ordeal. According to BFM TV, the representatives of the star confirmed the information about her hospitalization. Manager Claire Blondel noted that as Catherine Deneuve greatly improved. Now […]

75-year-old Mick Jagger has postponed a major tour because of heart surgery

The famous English rock musician and lead singer of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger warned her fans about the postponement of the concert tour. 75-year-old singer is in urgent need of heart surgery. A large tour group The Rolling Stones in the United States and Canada called No Filter is transferred. This was announced by […]