Pain techniques that will help you out, even if you never fought

Болевые приемы, которые выручат вас, даже если вы никогда не дрались

Often striking on the outside and has a kind of “Russian roulette” when both chaotic exchange of blows, and there who are already lucky. That is, even as an athlete, you can safely fall to the ground from a stray shot, because it is difficult to predict.

Pain point and techniques allow you to work more intelligently and carefully, not allowing your opponent to strike and generally fighting off all his desire to continue the conflict.


We are against any physical showdown, we do not aim here to prepare the yard of a fighter, we explain the basics of self-defense that need to be practised.

1. Grabbing the clavicle

Very affordable and simple pain point, which in principle can use anyone if the opponent before you is not worth the down jacket, namely the impact on the area of the clavicle. We have already talked about the strikes in this area, but it is quite traumatic and risky, though the opponent will not be able to attack more.

Push and capture is as follows:

The index and middle finger we press into the hole on top of the clavicle, and a large hook at the bottom.

The effect should not be long, stop 1-2 seconds, the time of hold, the opponent feels the effect of the pain and it numbed the hand that does not allow him to attack you. You, in the time of the reception, can pull back, or Vice versa, to upset the balance of the opponent and put him on the ground.

It seems to mean that difficult to grasp, and even to undermine the opponent, but under this impact, the opponent will be very pliable.

2. Antipatharia button

This pain point to know everything from childhood, it is right below the ear and when you click on it there comes the strongest effect, which may cause a person to lose consciousness and fall. This point can be used if you impose close contact, such as grabbing the back of my neck, pulling yourself, etc.

It makes no sense to strike from afar or try to poke from a distance, the impact is too painful and dangerous for your opponent, therefore we recommend to use exclusively on the convergence.