Pain the joints great kicked aspirin honey

Боль из суставов замечательно выгонит аспириновый мед

How many steps you’ve made in your life, many times knee joints were taking your weight. This is not to mention the physical exertion and injuries. The knee is one of our most hardworking parts of the body, therefore, most susceptible to wear. Joint pain could be called age-related challenges: they often begin in middle age, and elderly people everywhere.

According to unofficial data, every third knows what pain in the joints. If problem with knees in minor or moderate injury, there is a way to get rid of the discomfort, inflammation and swelling. The editors of “Taste” recommends to pay attention to proven home remedy.

It is unknown when and who invented to combine two active ingredients – honey and aspirin. However, it turned out a cheap, simple and effective remedy for knee pain. Look at how it works.

Pain is a distress signal, asking for help. You will be surprised, but the cartilage, meniscus and synovium (inner layer of joint capsule) are not equipped with pain receptors. Problems with these parts of the joint are accompanied by the production of Algeciras. They irritate pain receptors that are very rich in periarticular tissue.

That’s why packs are not a waste of time. Yes, they do not directly affect the deep mechanical damage and will not be able to cure arthrosis (joint deformation) without more serious drugs. But osteoarthritis of the often – neglected arthritis, and arthritis is the inflammation. It can be not even connected with the joints directly, but if it is not removed, leads to more serious problems.

Aspirin – a powerful pain medication, we used to take it for a headache. But it is also a potent local analgesic. That is, if you RUB them the periarticular tissue, it will also relieve the pain. The goal is to penetrate as deeply as possible and not irritate. They will need the honey.

Honey is a bioactive substance. It will contribute to the production of the synovial fluid in periarticular tissues, will provide deep penetration. Use aspirin honey not only sedation, but also in the removal of edema.

Prescription aspirin honey

You will need:

2 tablets of aspirin

1 tbsp honey

This is enough for one pack, so if you want to repeat the procedure, increase the number of ingredients, keeping the ratio. The tablets should be crushed into powder, mix with honey, cover with cling film and leave the mixture for 10 days in a warm place.

When a cure for the pain of joints is ready, RUB the problem area (this can be any joint from fingers to toes), wrap with plastic and cloth over the top. It is better to use woolen scarf: warm compress works best, but cold only worsens the condition.

Pain relief is important in any case. Aspirin reduces inflammation, tearing through this circular process, and often it is enough. Sometimes the problem lies in the whole organism: for example, very often joint problems are linked to poor functioning of the kidneys and the accumulation of salts.

To protect yourself from the thinning of cartilage, collagen, eat more foods, especially useful in this case jelly and jelly. Beware of the cold: the chilling true friend of the inflammatory processes. And, of course, never allow it to come to such a state, when the compresses do not help.