Painful rise in prices will hit the Ukrainians: what and how much you will have to pay

Болезненное подорожание ударит по украинцам: за что и сколько придется заплатить

In March expensive automotive gas, gasoline and Internet

In February automotive gas has fallen in price almost on the hryvnia. Also, the Ukrainian currency has strengthened and the dollar fell, according to the Consulting group “A-95”. In March, the price of gasoline and diesel fuel will not grow, but the gas will rise.

The national Bank forecast that gasoline in Ukraine will rise in price. Note that fuel prices will continue to rise, but gradually: 4-5% per year. In this case, if the excise policy will not change.

Analysts agree that the price increases will be small and gradual. The price of gasoline will not change from 1 March, and gradually throughout 2019.

In addition, in Ukraine will increase prices for the different Internet providers. This explains the increase in the cost of services. The Internet Association of Ukraine predicts that in the first half of 2019 all operators prices will rise by about 25% compared to those who were in last year. Note that the rates providers may increase due to inflation and the need to purchase traffic and equipment for hard currency.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian in 2019 will increase prices by 7.4, these figures laid down in the official forecast, which is reflected in the adopted budget for 2019

Cigarettes for 5-8 UAH – in January and July.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision next year to increase the excise tax advanced 9%. In addition, the previously approved plan to increase excise taxes on 20% annually. The excise tax will increase twice – in January and July. As a result of its size for cigarettes with the filter will increase to 3.5 UAH for each pack. In addition to excise taxes, the role play, and other factors – the growth of wages, transportation cost, devaluation of the hryvnia, etc. In the end, the pack can rise, depending on the manufacturer, by as much as 5-8 UAH.

Heating 17-70% in January.

The result is the increase of gas prices by 23.5% in Ukraine, produce the recalculation of tariffs for heating and hot water. This procedure can take more than a month, so the new tariffs, the Ukrainians will be felt only in the beginning of next year. Depending on the region, the prices can grow on 17-70%. Find out your fare on the website of the provider (where the advance required to place the draft decision).

Still recall that it became known which products will rise in the new year.

Болезненное подорожание ударит по украинцам: за что и сколько придется заплатить

Болезненное подорожание ударит по украинцам: за что и сколько придется заплатить