“Painless vaccination”: In place of the injections will come the patch

It’s time for flu season. To protect yourself from this disease, you must get into the body the vaccine.

«Безбольная вакцинация»: На смену уколам придёт пластырь

This procedure is not very pleasant. Now instead of injections will come a patch and thus it will be quite painless vaccination.

Some people refuse to vaccinate because the panic fear of injections. Others to pass it just do not have free time because you need to personally come to the doctor and very likely to stand in line.

To cope with this problem, a group of scientists working at the University of Washington decided to develop a “grafting” of a new type.

They will resist multiple strains of influenza virus and the vaccination can be carried out independently at home by purchasing at the pharmacy, an appropriate patch.

It is equipped with microneedles, and inside it placed the capsules small size, in which there is a vaccine.

In addition, the plaster surface is covered with disinfectant and analgesic substances. Thus, pain will be minimal.

The only thing you need to do is just apply the patch to the most convenient place and carry it there for 24 hours.

During this time blood will have time to receive all the vaccine needed by the body to counter the flu.

Clinical research on animals showed that this method has similar effectiveness when compared to conventional vaccination.

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