Painter: Zguladze and Dekanoidze would be able to finish the reform of the police, if they survived from Ukraine

Маляр: Згуладзе и Деканоидзе смогли бы закончить реформу полиции, если бы их не выжили из Украины

Police reform in Ukraine in 2014-2015 would have been successful if not for resistance from the Ukrainian system. This opinion was expressed lawyer-criminologist Anna Malyar broadcast political talk show “Epicenter of Ukrainian politics” on TV channel NEWSONE.

She stressed that the reform of law enforcement agencies funded for the most part not government, and foreign donors, and invited consultants from different countries particularly from the US and Canada.

“They did it in the status of advisers, because in America can take sadists (to identify who of those wishing to work in law enforcement – sadist – ed), but due to the fact that our system is resisted (did not work – ed.)… If not survived Zguladze (Ekaterina Zghuladze, the former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine – ed.) and Hatiya (Khatia Dekanoidze, the former head of national police of Ukraine, – an edition), they would have been able to complete reform, as happened in Georgia. In Georgia were advisers, and from Canada (including, – ed.) and they all turned out…”, – said the lawyer.

The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik said that one of the main problems of “failed” reforms of the national police – that has failed to change relationships within the police.