Paintings instead of guns

Картины вместо пушек

Elena Karaeva

When the cannons speak, the muses are still trying to be silent. Fattah Mohammed has just opened a gallery, it is located in one of the liberated from ISIL militants outside of Mosul. He used the debris and waste, mainly from the munitions used to create their work. This, according to Fatah, its a way to confront the ferocity of manners and violence caused by long military conflict in Iraq.

Fattah Mohammed, owner of the gallery, the artist: “This is an opportunity, which I chose for himself. I wanted to say and civilian activists, and environmentalists, and just people who are victims of war, that still, despite all the horrors, we try to be human, and that we, despite moved, remained creative. That’s why I opened a gallery. I decided to use all of these former became unusable ammunition and ammunition for the creation of artistic works”.

In the Northern provinces of Iraq often see the burned and wrecked tanks than the car. For Fatah, they have become what is usually for artist’s canvas and a palette of colors.

Fattah Mohammed, owner of the gallery, the artist: “I use really don’t paint, I use a technique of firing. And this is including the semantic, and symbolic. Here is scorched earth. And we have – scorched soul. It seems to me that this technique conveys well the General state, which today is Iraq.”

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