Pakistani politician took a video game for reality

Пакистанский политик воспринял видеоигру за реальность

In the modern world there is hardly a person who does not know what video games and what they look like, but any. The General Secretary of one of the Pakistani political blocs has published in his Twitter account a video with GTA V. besides, he took all the events in the video, for real shooting.

The reaction of the users. As reported 4PDA, shortly after the publication of tweets on the accident policy was attacked by disgruntled Pakistani (and not only) gamers, each of which did not miss the opportunity to laugh at the official.

When Churi Nawaz Gandapur realized that this is not reality, but only a video game, he deleted his post. Unfortunately, the Internet is impossible to get rid of something completely.

Пакистанский политик воспринял видеоигру за реальность

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Other funny incidents with Pakistani politicians. Incidentally, this is not the first case when the Pakistani politicians are lagging behind in high technology. In June, the official Shaukat Yusufzai conducted a stream at Facebook, forgetting to disable the filter, which imposes on the face of the cat ears.

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