“Palazzo in fortezza”, or “Palace fortress”

«Palazzo in fortezza», или «Дворец в крепости»

Impressions of the student about Zbarazh castle, Ternopil

Zbarazh castle is a unique monument of the region XVII century, built according to the architectural plans of the Italian city planner Vincenzo Scamozzi. In its time this castle was the family residence of the Ukrainian-Polish princely families. More often its walls have witnessed dozens of sieges and battles, witnessing “writing pages of Ukrainian history”. Now this fortification is part of the architectural reserve “Castles of Ternopil” and exhibits about 50 thousand units of cultural heritage in 25 exhibition halls. Every day groups of tourists fascinated considering its strong fortifications and surprised the thickness of the walls (and it sometimes reaches almost 2 meters!). And attendance of the castle is rather large, annual average 50 thousand persons. What attracted curious visitors to this architectural object? In the same way as many other ancient fortresses, this place is filled to the brim with mystical stories?

In such old buildings, special attention of visitors attracted to the dungeon. That’s where Museum professionals are often equipped exhibition halls with objects of torture of the Inquisition. Tourists like this kind of spooky theme. Seasoned traveler soon learns the “Garrote” or “pillory”… zbarazhskyi castle is no exception, but there are also so-called torture room.

– Can you think of any legend or great story. No documented evidence about this in the reserve there. But talk of this being… a Few years ago, our restorer while working in one of the rooms he heard a strange sound which was heard a long time behind closed doors. During the filming of the clip of Andrew Pidluzhna for the song “Wolves” (the group “Nichlava”. – G. B.), the crew noticed the captured frame several ghosts. Well, strange sometimes it happens… as for legends, all this is speculation. To our castle of the instruments of torture are not directly related, because it is only the elements of exposure,” says ekskursovodov fortress Lyudmila.

It is important to remember that exactly 370 years ago this summer, an event occurred which greatly influenced the course of Ukrainian history – the siege of Zbarazh. Then the Polish defenders were able to make a sustainable fortress to its stronghold and Cossacks failed to take the fortress. “Do you still retain the weapon or other things since historic times, ask ekskursovodov.

– Unfortunately, almost nothing authentic was not maintained. It just so happened the historical circumstances… So this part of our cultural heritage has been lost, especially those elements relating to the siege of 1649. It is a pity, because these unique finds would be not only monuments of national importance, but would help in the opening of the world that existed hundreds of years ago… For the last three years during archaeological excavations near the castle of the local forwarders found burial, which dates back to around the XVI century: the skeletons of two people (obviously, it was a family), baking, pottery, remnants of houses…

Notice at the entrance to the gift shop. Ask the guide about how to buy tourists on entertainment in the castle, or the couple getting married here?

Adults often buy albums, but kids with interest considering the magnets with the castle, or “bags of pleasant memories of Youth”. Visitors can also shoot in the castle of bow or crossbow. As for weddings, they usually arrange about 1 – 2 times a quarter. On the territory of the castle there is a restaurant of Ukrainian and European cuisine – “the Legend”, here you can order a Banquet. Prices for such celebration is different, it all depends on the number of guests and personal preferences regarding the selection menu. But the wedding photos will cost 500 hryvnia.

In February of this year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the reserve – continues Lyudmila. – The castle has opened two new halls: gold – for receptions and symphonic-ballroom. The restoration from the state budget has allocated almost 3 million UAH.

By the way, tickets to Zbarazhsky castle cost – 80 UAH (for adults) and 30 UAH (for students).

Anna Benedyuk

«Palazzo in fortezza», или «Дворец в крепости»

«Palazzo in fortezza», или «Дворец в крепости»